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2022-06-15 13:42:27 By : Mr. Hogan Zhang

“Mountain on the Moon” is an appropriately ambitious name for Madrid’s newest community hub in the Malayan neighborhood. Designed by Enorme Studio and sponsored by Mini, the mobile structure pulls double duty: It offers a greenhouse-like shared workspace while providing street furniture where people can meet up and hangout.

The hub is built from three modular parts—two green terraces where people can sit and an interior workspace—that can be rolled away like furniture to create separate, flexible configurations. The terraces have benches flanked by greenery. Meanwhile indoors, the workspace is outfitted with solar-powered charging ports and lights.

Enorme and Mini conceived of the temporary structure as a meeting place for designers, who will use it as a space to convene and brainstorm the next great urban experiment. It’s a simple setup, but that’s the beauty of it—the architecture doesn’t get in the way of its purpose.